The product is consulting around data protection affairs and taking control of your GDPR-compliance as follows:

This includes:

  • solving conflicts between data protection and marketing (a classic issue).
  • solving conflicts between real life and any problems around privacy shield and others.
  • solving conflicts between GDPR-compliance and acting commercially reasonable.
  • last but not least: Solving conflicts with the EU data protection authority

I stand for a life near version of data protection!

And now the law:

Article 27 (Representatives of controllers or processors not established in the Union)

1. Where Article 3(2) applies, the controller or the  processor shall designate in writing a representative in the Union.

2. The obligation laid down in paragraph 1 of this Article shall not apply to:

(a) processing which is occasional, does not include, on a large scale, processing of special categories of data as referred to in Article 9(1) or processing of personal data relating to criminal convictions and offences referred to in Article 10, and is unlikely to result in a risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons, taking into account the nature, context, scope and purposes of the processing; or

(b) a public authority or body.

3. The representative shall be established in one of the Member States where the data subjects, whose personal data are processed in relation to the offering of goods or services to them, or whose behaviour is monitored, are.

4. The representative shall be mandated by the controller or processor to be addressed in addition to or instead of the controller or the processor by, in particular, supervisory authorities and data subjects, on all issues related to processing, for the purposes of ensuring compliance with this Regulation.

5. The designation of a representative by the controller or processor shall be without prejudice to legal actions which could be initiated against the controller or the processor themselves.

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